Beat the heat with Polycab BLDC Energy Saving Fans and save up to 65% electricity

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Beat the heat with Polycab BLDC Energy Saving Fans and save up to 65% electricity


Polycab BLDC Energy Savings Fan

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Energy Efficiency is the catchphrase in most urban homes today. City dwellers are becoming increasingly aware of how a smart choice for an appliance can go a long way in reducing pollution, saving critical ecosystems, and reducing stress on the power grid. What’s more, it lowers their utility bills!

A few years ago, when LED technology entered the market, it revolutionized the lighting industry because an LED bulb could provide the same number of lumens with very less power and last for years. Now, the ceiling fan industry is witnessing a similar transformation with the BLDC technology. With the Bureau of Energy Efficiency all set to compulsorily introduce star ratings in all fans, the super-efficient BLDC fans are guaranteed to replace all the old induction motor ones.

Polycab India Limited, India’s leading FMEG (Fast Moving Electrical Goods) has now taken center stage for bringing BLDC fans to every household in India.

BLDC stands for Brush less direct current motors that use electronic chips to convert the input AC current to DC current. Since no brushes are used, the loss of current due to friction is greatly reduced. Fans made with BLDC technology consume up to 65% less electricity than the regular fans and are also noise-free. Assuming a fan runs for sixteen hours a day, and the average cost of electricity is INR 6 per unit, replacing it with a BLDC fan will save up to INR 1,500 a year on your electricity bill.

Polycab India Ltd. is proud to present its technologically advanced BLDC energy saving fans that consumes less energy with their silent motors offering protection against voltage fluctuations. Its engaging and captivating digital campaign Polycab #SavingsWalaFan is now live on digital platforms and is successfully creating awareness about its energy efficiency among a wide array of its audience.

The campaign showcases a modern-day couple welcoming their guests who walk in, exhausted from the sweltering heat outdoors. As they relax under the cool breeze of the high speed Polycab BLDC fan, they admire its efficiency, wanting to know everything about it. Its umpteen benefits are then explained to the audience by the technical expert in simple terms and an engaging way.


Speaking about #SavingsWalaFan campaign, Nilesh Malani, President and Chief Marketing Officer, Polycab India Ltd. commented, “Polycab BLDC energy saving fans are the ceiling fans of the future, and integration of such evolved motors could prove to be a substantial gain for Indian households. At Polycab, we strive to closely engage with our consumers and communicate the benefits of future-ready technology in the most relatable and lucid manner. Polycab #SavingsWalaFan campaign is a journey which triggers the idea of energy efficiency adoption amongst the mass audience that can bring an acceptance of innovation-driven products like our BLDC ceiling fans.”


About Polycab India Ltd. (PIL):

Polycab India Limited (PIL) is India’s largest manufacturer of Wires and Cables and one of the fastest growing FMEG companies with a consolidated turnover of INR 122+ billion. PIL is at the forefront of providing innovative, safe and energy efficient products to a diverse set of customers via a strong distribution network of 4,600+ authorized dealers and 205,000+ retail outlets. PIL’s business operations span across India through 23 manufacturing facilities, 15+ offices and 25+ warehouses. PIL has also served customers in 60+ countries globally. PIL’s 4,400+ employees are dedicated to upholding robust governance practices, preserving a customer centric culture, having a purpose to serve the communities, and imbibing a genuine sense of ecological consciousness.

For further information, please visit (BSE: 542652, NSE: POLYCAB)

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